Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Breathing Again!!

My prediction that McCain would win the election was wrong. And I’m lovin’ it!! Never have I been so happy to be wrong, and in this case rather resoundingly . The divisive campaigning of McCain and Palin (particularly Palin) didn’t work as effectively as it has in the past, though unfortunately the country will suffer its residual effects over the next few months. Once bigotry and paranoia have been stirred up they take a long time to settle.

I’m not one who sees Obama as a saint, and I expect to disappointed in the reality of some aspects of his presidency after he takes office. Still, both he and Biden are respected worldwide, and the U.S. has regained some of its respect that Bush and Cheney destroyed. It feels good.

Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to prove me wrong. Good job!


j.c. said...

I believe in sport fandom, this is called defensive pessimism and I was experiencing it as well!

Coleen Hanna said...

After watching the HBO documentary on Palin and the McCain campaign, it seems that Palin was even more of a handicap to McCain that I had thought during the campaign. I sort of wish Romney would pick someone like Palin as his running mate (is there anyone quite like her??)