Thursday, January 5, 2017

RIP, Snow Crash

Snow Crash is taking a break.  My observations and analyses apparently cannot compete with the din of our post-factual politics nor with the deluge of Social Media that confronts us all.  I am very grateful to those who have continued to read my blog entries, but in the past year (particularly since July) the numbers have dropped to the point that it is hard for me to justify the amount of effort required to publish even one entry per month.

I doubt that 2017 will be any better, as the "news" of our soon-to-be-inaugurated president's activities and pronouncements and their consequences will very likely continue to dominate and degrade our national consciousness.  I wish I could offer an antidote but I can't.

Please be assured that Snow Crash is not yet dead, just resting.  I have plenty more to say......

In the meantime, please feel free to consult the archives of past posts, now organized by topic as well as date.


Anonymous said...

Please take a well earned break! Will Look forward to the restart - your words always offer a fresh insight. But I certainly understand the time and effort that must be required.

Anne said...

Sad to hear this Dick. But I confess I am among those who don't always slow down enough to read what is important.But just so you know -- I would much rather read your thoughtful posts than listen to the din of whatshisname's tweets! Thanks for your writings.

Dennis Nord said...

First, I've looked forward to your posts and enjoyed thinking about the issues you bring up. Good job! Thanks for the opportunity to wrestle with some unusual ideas.

My public blog is in restful mode as well. Actually, I have a blog I experiment with that I don't tell people about and it gets almost no traffic, which is fine. It allows me to try out some ideas that cannot be expressed quite any other way combining photos, sketches, notes from other people, maps and my own notes. I mention it as I think keeping up the process is useful even if no one reads the results. Maybe it's time for the old Zeitgeist sporadical model?

Gordon A Allen said...

Thanks for your past essays. One question though--how do you know that readership is down? Do you look at the number of comments or do you get summary statistics from the 'blog publisher'? Do you know the identity of readers or the number of readers? I would appreciate a essay on blogging

Richard Sherman said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments.

Gordon, Google's Blogger software automatically tracks all kinds of statistics, including how many page views each blog gets over any period of time, the type of browser used by the viewer, and the geographic location of the viewer's ip address. It displays this in both numerical and graphical form that can be quite informative. For instance, the data tell me my most popular blog was "Don't Go to Your 50th High School Reunion!" and that it continued to get lots of views for quite some time after it was published.

The graph for this year tells the story very clearly -- in July (about the time of the Conventions) my views dropped in half and then continued to slide to near nothing for the rest of the year. The reason might be the topics, of course, but it is too much effort to continue publishing when it is possible no one will read my entries. I have some possible topics I don't want to waste, like "Geezer Body Art," "Smelling Your Neighborhood," and "Google, What's a Luddite?"

Coleen Hanna said...

Dick, I was afraid this was going to happen when I saw the comments dwindle. I can see why the time and effort is not worth it for you given the readership. I hope you can start it up again. I will continue to check. I would like to see some blogs from you on the political situation. Maybe you feel others are saying all that needs to be said. I follow Robert Reich and Dan Rather on Facebook pretty closely and learn a lot from them. But your topics tends to be unusual and interesting. Anyhow, take a rest and I hope you come back.